A storm of uncertainty and complexity is brewing or has arrived surrounding your loved one, perhaps because: 

  • You have just learned that your adult or senior loved one in Denver or the surrounding area needs new care or additional care and you don't know where to turn;
  • You've started looking at care options and are beginning to feel overwhelmed; 
  • You live far away from the Denver Metro area and have no idea how to begin finding help here. 

Care for those who need it is almost always complex, often requiring multiple treatment or individual resources. The options for care, as well as the qualifications to receive vital support systems, have become exponentially complicated. 

You are quickly discovering this.

This is why you should turn to Care Management Advocates. We provide expert guidance and coordinated services for people just like you. Rest assured, we can help and we do this by bringing our CALM Support to every person and situation. 

Our professionals are trained and experienced in networking and locating all manner of resources for adults in need, such as housing, meal services, guardianship, powers of attorney, medical equipment, and transportation services, to name just a few. Whether the need is short-term or ongoing, we are here to help you get the best possible resolution for your need, relieving your mind and your stress level. 

A few things you should know about us: 

  • We are insured for your protection.
  • We are private-pay only; we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid, or file insurance claims for our services.
  • We accept credit cards. 

About CMA