The Care Management Advocates team has extensive, varied experience in the care of the elderly and adults with disabilities. Founded in 2007, we specialize in the team approach to care management and guardianship services. While you will be assigned a care manager to serve as the primary contact for your loved one, the other members of the team will come alongside your care manager to provide support and guidance in developing a collaborative care plan that addresses all your loved one's needs. This also allows us to provide your loved one 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year. With Care Management Advocates, you're not hiring an individual. You are hiring a team.

Our Team

Don and Holly Burmania, Owners
In 2015, Don and Holly Burmania started helping a friend who became partially disabled following a stroke. Their friend had never married and had no extended family in Colorado, so Don and Holly took her into their home following rehab and arranged for home health care for overnights. They found an assisted living facility that would best serve her needs and helped her move there. Later, they coordinated the preparation and sale of her home, and moved her belongings into storage. When she became more independent, they helped her move to an independent living facility. They provide her transportation, grocery shopping and delivery, laundry services, and companionship, among other support. Don, Holly and their friend have often wondered what she would have done if they hadn’t been available to help her. Unfortunately, there are a lot people like her, who have no family around or whose family may not have the time to devote to providing the level of care they would like. That’s why  in August 2019 Don and Holly purchased Care Management Advocates from Debera and John Bartlett-Powers, who had started and owned the business since 2007. The Powers wanted to sell their business to someone who shared their compassion for people and who had a strong management background. In addition to helping their friend, Don and Holly have participated in and supported humanitarian causes throughout the world, including financing a team of workers who provide care services to over 70 “babushkas” in Central Asia. Don has extensive management experience as a regulator for 23 years with the State of Colorado. He retired from the State as the director of the Colorado Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division. He credits his professional success with surrounding himself with professional people who were empowered to do their jobs well. He spent his public service career ensuring businesses were run with integrity. He assures that Care Management Advocates does the same.

Who CMA Is