CMA's CALM Support

Here at Care Management Advocates, it is our mission to provide you with CALM Support: 

  • Comprehending the Situation

In order to begin, Care Management Advocates must complete a Comprehensive Assessment of the person needing help. This vital process enables us to understand the breadth and depth of the needs experienced by the person. We visit the potential client, spending about two hours with them, asking questions. We will also inspect the home or other facility where he or she lives in order to discern the resources that are already on hand, as well as determine those that are currently needed or will be needed soon. 

  • Assessing the Options 

With the physical assessment of the client now completed, we begin planning what options for help may best serve our client's needs. The options can vary greatly depending upon the severity of illness or disability, the state of the home or facility, the volume of issues that envelope our client and, necessarily, the abundance or limitation of private funds. 

  • Leveraging the Resources

Because Care Management Advocates has been managing care for so long and, as a benefit of having served hundreds of clients, we have a vast array of contacts. As we consider a significant number of specialty facilities, we research and evaluate a significant number of specialty facilities, service organizations, expert networks, activities, processes and options. 

  • Managing the Care

Now we are ready to act on behalf of our client. The Plan of Care is now implemented. It is important for you to know that we do not, in most instances, provide the actual care prescribed by the Plan of Care. Rather, we are care managers. This means that we are available to coordinate, evaluate, manage and ensure that all of the resources are functioning at optimum levels and our clients receive the very best care available to meet their needs. 

Throughout this CALM process, Care Management Advocates will consistently communicate with you and others who are essential to the care of our clients.